Brendan Boyle

Design, Code, Secure

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Universal Presenter Remote iOS/watchOS applications


Take your app to the next level. I create mobile experiences which attract, engage, and retain users.



Like this site? Create professional websites, web-apps and interactive experiences with me! I have over 10 years of experience designing websites.

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Upgrade your brand and connect with your users with illustration, social, and video.


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Expert developer of native iOS and Android applications.

  • Apple WWDC 2016 scholarship winner.
  • Developed 10+ high-fidelity apps using Swift 4.
  • Extensive UI/UX experience. UIKit expert.
  • Test centric, CI, CocoaPods/Carthage.
  • 3+ years Swift development, 1+ year Objective C.
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Full stack web developer with experience making scalable and performant websites and web applications.

  • 2+ years NodeJS, Express, Mongo, Pug stack.
  • 5+ years PHP, Apache/Nginx/IIS, MySQL/Postgres stack.
  • jQuery,, WebSockets, React, APIs.
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Experience deploying and managing cloud apps, VMs and databases.

  • 3+ years Microsoft Azure, 2+ years Google Cloud, 1+ year AWS.
  • 1+ year Firebase full-stack
  • 25+ deployments of Ubuntu Server, 5+ deployments of Windows Server 2012-2016
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  • 5+ years Adobe Creative Cloud. Photoshop, Illustrator, Experience Design, Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • 2+ years Final Cut X and Logic X.
  • 1+ year Sketch




Protecting user information is paramount to success as a business. All my products are designed and developed to meet the highest levels of security in the industry.